Monday, October 19, 2009


It turns out that, in addition to all the tests that came up negative, the good folks at WSU tested Spackle for Ehrlichiosis, a tick-borne bacterial disease which is also known by such serious names as canine rickettsiosis, canine hemorrhagic fever, and canine typhus. The test has just come back with a weak indication of infection. Greenlake is doing a follow-up titre (results expected by Friday) which, in combination with the first, will be more definitive. This disease could potentially explain the various symptoms that Spackle has had, and would be treated by continuing one of the antibiotics that he's been on and tapering the steroids. Other than the fact that his weight is down below Hoover's, Spackle is doing great, and seems to just need some fattening up. Luckily, his Grandma has been visiting from Doggie Heaven and is indulging him with scraps from the delicious chicken soup she cooked for dinner.

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