Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hoockle? Not so fast . . .

My brother Deane failed in his attempt to post a comment on our dog blog, but essentially he wanted to root for Spackle's return to health and his top dog status, although Hoover would probably think Deane's suggestion for a new blog name appropriate. In fact, if Hoover were to line us all up in one name, he would probably come up with something like "Hoockalian" (no offense, Ian--I'm just supposing).

But, Spackle seems to have turned a corner today, and so Spoover they remain. His white count (blood tests, with which those readers of another of my blogs will be familiar) is still very high, indicating that he's still attacking a massive infection, but he's piddling and eating and drinking and he had a MASSIVE poop on our walk just now. He ran into the exam room when we picked him up, and leapt out of the car at home. Dr. Mortimer says he's not out of the woods completely yet, but he is doing very well.

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