Saturday, October 10, 2009

Home again

Spackle is home again from the emergency care vet (ACCES in Lake City). The good news is that they were able to get the swelling around the eyes back down and he's doesn't seem to be in pain any more. Here he is, eagerly awaiting a handout of his share of Calin's and my roasted chicken lunch.

The hard part is that the method they used to reduce the swelling was a sort of last resort. The steroid prednisone reduced the inflammation by suppressing his immune response. This means that it's unlikely that he'll be able to fight whatever is ailing him on his own and it's unlikely that any further diagnoses are possible.

It's not at all clear how long he'll continue to feel as good as he does now. He just enjoyed an 8-block stroll with Calin to revisit the neighborhood smells and is now sleeping peacefully. When he no longer feels well, there's nothing else to do for him, except help him peacefully pass on to the true Doggie Heaven. That is, not his grandparents' place in Maple Valley which we refer to by the same name. Well, actually, he'll still go to Maple Valley, but it would be in a doggie body bag.

This may not have been directly related to Spackle's illness, but the sunset last night was truly something to behold. If Calin and I needed any further proof that the ways of nature are mysterious and multi-splendored, I think we got it.

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